Welcome to Lars Monsen's web shop!

Here you will find his self-developed collection of clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts who like hiking and hardcore explorers. “Self-developed" means exactly that: Lars Monsen has himself decided which products he wants to launch, and he has tested them thoroughly over a long period of time and finally approved them.

No product names are random. When Lars Monsen chooses to call his extreme parka “Iditarod", it means that he has himself designed it down to the smallest detail – in close collaboration with his talented designer – and has used it in the world's toughest dogsled race under extreme conditions. When a series of waterproof dry bags are named “Ungava", it means that their first test was along the expedition across Ungava. Or when a bamboo-boxer is named Alta, it means Lars Monsen uses it both in town and on trips: For Lars, Alta is both a small, pleasant town and an excellent starting point for countless wilderness adventures. In other words, everything you see on this website is something personal for Lars Monsen!

A few products may not stand out from others, simply because Lars does not see the point of re-inventing the wheel. For example, this could be a standard coffee pot, travel cutlery or a dog collar. You can buy them here – or many other places.

The vast majority of the products will feature the “Lars Monsen factor", however. “The wild extra", which is so characteristic of Lars! It could be the little notch on the knife that lets you lift the coffee pot out of the bonfire without it slipping. It could be the backpack that makes it safer to cross a river (please, think a little about that one!) It could be the two loops on the boxers that make them easy to hang up to dry on a birch tree. It could be a well-known fishing lure in Lars Monsen's own design, or it could be the internal loop at the bottom of the dry bag, making it easy to turn inside-out before hanging it up to dry. Practical, smart details that Lars has longed for.

Lars Monsen and Komplettfritid already has many years of successful collaboration behind them. Therefore, Lars Monsen also strongly participates in developing and testing the KF products. Examples of these are Stegg and Oter boots, the Svuku sock series, Rogen and Røa, and the hiking poles from KF. A lot of exciting things here, too!

Lars Monsen has about 5000 full days of experience in the field. He has completed expeditions nobody else has done, neither before nor since. He has survived. And he isn't thinking of packing it all in just yet.

Everything is possible!

Lars Monsen in a familiar posture -- dinner is secured! Here depicted on an expedition in Quebec, Canada. Photo: Mattis Thørud

The Femund Race

Lars and his dog Creed in action during the Femund Race. Photo: Ole-Johnny Myhrvold.

Coffee break

Have you ever woken up on a bed of pine branches, filled your wooden cup with coffee and thought that times like these are what life is really all about? Photo: Lars Monsen

Bonfire comfort

30 degrees below and bonfire comfort in Pasvik in Finnmark. Photo: Lars Monsen

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