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New to
If you are new to, you can register first (click "log in" at the top-right corner of the page). You will be asked to fill out necessary information in a simple registration form. You will then have the option to shop, receive newsletters and information about our activities/campaigns.

How to find products

You can look through the categories both on the left side and at the top of the page. You will then be able to navigate through desired categories. The vast majority of the categories include sub-categories.
You can also use the search field (in the middle at the top of the page).

Product info:
If our product info does not answer your questions about the product, you can send an e-mail to our support. There, the product manager will give you the information you require.

Stock status:
We aim to have all our items in stock at all times, and items that are no longer in stock will automatically be hidden. These are primarily seasonal items, or items with long delivery times.

Complete order:
To make things as easy as possible for you as a customer to complete orders with us, we have striven to make the shopping cart and check-out easy to understand. When you click "buy" on a product, it will be added to your shopping cart. Now, you can choose whether you would like to continue shopping or continue to check-out. When you are done shopping, you can go from the shopping cart to check-out. If you are not a customer from before, you will need to register. When this is complete, you will receive a choice of payment options. When the order is complete, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. The items will then reach you within 2-3 days.

All our prices include value-added tax unless otherwise stated, but do not include shipping. Shipping costs will be displayed in check-out, so that you have a complete overview of the complete cost before completing the purchase. The prices are given in Norwegian kroner, unless another currency is selected. If you are logged in as a corporate customer, prices will be displayed excluding value-added tax.

Terms and conditions makes reservations concerning sold-out items, but is obligated to inform the customer, either by e-mail or telephone as soon as we discover this.
When we have received the customer's order, we will, as the seller, confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to the customer. It is recommended that you as a customer ensure that the order confirmation matches the order with regard to number, product type, price, etc. If there is a discrepancy between the order and the order confirmation, the buyer should get in touch with us as soon as possible. As a customer, you have the option to use the right of withdrawal within 365 of receiving the item, and to be refunded the costs.


Our payment options:

- Visa
- Mastercard
- PayPal
- Collector Invoice
- Collector Account

Visa/Mastercard and PayPal:

Paying by card is safe and easy. You enter your card number, expiry date and verification code (CVV2) and can then wait for the shipment. We collaborate closely with all card processors to ensure that your card information is processed quickly and that everything is handled in a highly secure fashion with PayEx, Collector, Swedbank and Visa's encryption. Nobody will physically see your card number throughout the entire payment process. When you make an order with us using your card, your card will be verified. This means that PayEx (external payment option) will check that your card is real and that there is a balance on it. A reservation will then be made, in which the amount you are shopping for will be reserved. This means that the money is still on your card, but that it cannot be touched by others than as long as the order exists.
Should you cancel an order, the reservation will be void and the money will be freed on your card (usually within two-five working days).
Only when we have finished packing the items and have prepared the package for shipping will the money be transferred from your card to us.

Corporate customers
Businesses and public institutions may certainly use Visa, Mastercard and PayPal just like private individuals can. If purchasing by credit/receiving an invoice is desired, an enquiry about this must be sent to Credit must be approved prior to ordering. We wish to note that a business/organization must be registered in our customer database for credit assessment. By applying for credit with, you accept that we will conduct a credit check of your business.

Shipping and delivery

Where do we deliver?
- Norway
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Spain
- Finland
- Austria
- Belgium
- France
- United Kingdom
- Ireland
- Italy
- Monaco
- Luxembourg
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Holy See (Vatican City State)
- Romania
- Russian Federation
- Poland
- Slovenia
- Slovakia
- San Marino
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- Latvia
- Moldova
- Macedonia
- Malta
- Liechtenstein
- Lithuania
- Iceland
- Gibraltar
- Greenland
- Greece
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Bulgaria
- Belarus
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Andorra
- Albania
- Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
- Faroe Islands
- Estonia
- Switzerland
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Canada
- Mexico
- United States

Shipping options:
All our shipping will primarily DHL.

Shipping costs: offers the following fixed shipping cost, independent of where you live and how much you are ordering:

- Worldwide: 25 EUR
- Orders value more than 250 EUR: Free shipping

Package tracking:
When the item(s) are ready to be shipped from our warehouse, we will send a shipping confirmation by e-mail to the address you have provided. The shipping confirmation is sent before the transporter collects the goods from us, so there may be a few hours before the package can be tracked. In order to track your shipment, you can use Package Tracking directly from the order confirmation, or you can access

Discrepancies or errors:
If you are missing items or have received the wrong items with regard to the order/shipping confirmation, send an e-mail directly to This e-mail must contain the following information:
- Customer number
- Order number
- Item number of the item with the issue or that has been wrongly sent

We will then work to determine what has happened and correct any errors.

Support, exchanges og returns

- Support:
E-mail: (replies within 48 hours) is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our support is open all weekdays between 10:00 and 15:00.

- Item returns:

When returning items, the "exchange and returns form" (see link below) must be filled in and included with the shipment. Item(s) must be returned in their original packaging, and must not have been used.
Returns should be returned to: Tolder Holmers vei 6, 8003 Bodø, Norway
If you want to return your order, you can either send the order in return to the address above, or pay 25 EUR for a return slip. Please contact support to for further information about return slip.
For return of unwanted goods, it must be expected 3 days processing time after we have received the goods.

- Right of withdrawal:
Right of withdrawal applies for up to 365 days after the item(s) are ordered. This only applies to private purchases, not to business/corporate purchases.
Download and fill in the "exchange and returns form" (see link below) and include it in the shipment.
For the right of withdrawal to apply, the item(s) must be unused and returned in the same (unopened) packaging they were in when received.

- Complaints:
In the event of complaints, the item(s) must be returned to us. We will then process the complaint in accordance with usual routines. In special cases, we will need to send the item on to our supplier for further investigation. We reserve the right to repair the item in cases where this is possible. The complaints deadline is 2-5 years.
As a customer, you must make a complaint to us within 2 months of discovering the damage/error.
Download and fill in the "exchange and returns form" (see link below) and include it in the shipment.

Items sent in must be clean/newly washed. LMG Handel AS will return items that are not clean/newly washed at the sender's expense.

- Uncollected package:
In cases where packages/shipments are not collected at the post office and are returned to us, the customer will be charged 250 NOK in accordance with our sales conditions.

What do we offer?

Security & Safety:
Shopping on is safe!
To make your shopping as easy and clear as possible, we focus strongly on developing our systems and navigation options.
Should you encounter problems with an item you purchased from us, our online support and returns system will make sure to guide you as a customer to the assistance you need as quickly as possible. is certified by NNO - the Norwegian Online Commerce Organization in accordance with NNO's terms for certification of Norwegian online shops. The certification terms ensure Norwegian consumers safe and predictable shopping. NNO vouches for the holder of the certificate having met the terms for certification after scrutiny. Customers of NNO-certified online shops can refer to NNO's customer support via e-mail if it is presumed that the terms are being violated. The enquiry will be handled by NNO's Complaints Board.

Support & delivery: emphasizes service, personal follow-up and that you, as the customer, shall be satisfied before, during and after your purchase. We hold a large amount of item knowledge concerning our items, feel free to use our support e-mail: We will then help as best as possible and guarantee a reply within 24 hours (weekdays). We guarantee quick delivery to our customers.

Newsletter & Updates:

We regularly send out newsletters to update our customers on what is happening at This may include information on campaigns, activities and offers.

Contact us
Lars Monsen Gear
Postboks 1417
8002 Bodø

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